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Гостиница «Интурист» г. Краснодар - Intourist Hotel Krasnodar - Terms of using conference halls

Usinge conference halls in the hotel «Intourist-Krasnodar»

  1. Booking a conference hall you should fill in the application form given and send it by e-mail or fax. Your application letter should include:
    • the date
    • time
    • the number of participants
    • arrangement of furniture
    • the necessary technical equipment
    • catering
    • form of payment
    • contacts.

  2. You should inform us about any changes in the application sent by e-mail or fax in advance, no later than the day before the event.

  3. You will receive the invoice if the reservation is confirmed. The invoice is to be paid no later than 3 working days after received. In case the money is not paid, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

  4. The Hall is available for rent with a standard set of furniture. Additional furniture may be provided by prior arrangement with the administrator of the hall, additional equipment paid according to the price list.

  5. The hall and facilities are provided to the customer fully prepared. Technical hour includes 30 minutes before the event and 30 minutes after its finishing and is only used to prepare the hall for work and cleaning it after the event. If you use this time for other purposes (continuing conference), this time is paid according to the price list.

  6. Entrance into a conference hall with your drinks and food is forbidden.

  7. Coffee breaks are organized in a special zone only.

  8. Administrator of the hall is responsible for the equipment provided by a hotel, but is not responsible for the equipment of the Customer.

  9. Connecting and setting up equipment is carried out by hotel staff only.

  10. The customer is responsible for the equipment of conference halls. In case of damage or loss the property of conference room the customer has to pay the cost of material damage in accordance with the act of damage property.

  11. Hotel administration has the right to stop the conference in case of customer’s misbehavior.

  12. The customer is obliged to follow fire safety regulations.

  13. After the conference you should apply to the manager to check the conference hall. The customer must leave the conference room in the proper condition.

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